FRIENN frying oil is renewed

Frienn is the new frying oil from Olitalia: an innovative recipe, ideal for frying with light taste and Mediterranean flavour.

Frienn, which signifies "frying" in the dialect of Naples, combines the rich tradition of Italian frying and the innovative formulation created by Olitalia in collaboration with the Chef Pasquale Torrente plus the support by the University of Bologna.

Frienn is completely palm oil free with a high oleic sunflowers oil and extracts of rosemary; such qualities give to Frienn a great stability at high temperatures with a higher smoke point. Frienn is ideal for tasty and crispy fried, for your Italian recipes and for all your dishes.

  • palm oil free
  • light in taste, dry and crispy food
  • no off-flavours
  • resistant to high temperatures
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