8 tips for a perfect fried




1 - Raw materials

The secret for a good fried is the raw material. Good products bring excellent performance: it's the case of a great fresh fish or seasonal vegetables.

2 - Preparation

Selected the best products, the trick is not to exceed in their preparation, in order to preserve the quality and enhance the features without the risk of excessive contamination. Drain and dry well the food before frying and never salted during frying, always sooner or later.

3 - The tools

Always use containers suitable to shape and size, in relation to quantity and kind of product to fry. An indispensable tool, is the cooking thermometer: easily available in affordable prices, it will ensure excellent results for all types of frying.

4 - Oil

Crucial is also the choice of oil: the fried is good and it is good if it is well done, and the yield depends mainly on the oil. The study conducted with the University of Bologna and the Olitalia company has allowed us to produce Frienn, an oil created ad hoc, palm oil free and rich in antioxidants. The quantity of oil to be used for fry, will be compared with the volume of the food to cook.

5 - The temperature

When we make a fry we operate at an average temperature of 160/200°C and the oil must not burn. Every food has its ideal frying temperature, and a wrong temperature can affect the results, the frying will be soft and greasy, without the browning and crispiness expected.

160 ° C Frying at moderate temperature. For vegetables, cutlets and bulky foods.

170 ° C Frying at high temperature. For chicken, fish and sweets.

180 ° C Frying at very high temperature. For fries, croquettes and small food.

6 - Time

Depending on what you want to cook and the size of the product: one supplì, a stuffed rice balls, weigh about 70/75 gr. At the temperature of 180° begin to browning after only 3 min but it needs at least 5 min so that the mozzarella contained in the heart of supplì can melt. A Montanara, a tipical fried pizza, will take approximately 2 minutes in hot oil at 230°C to swell and become brown.

7 - Drying

Once you reach the desired result, drip the food with a perforated spoon and lay it on a paper towels to lose the excess oil and dry out.

8 - Enjoy immediately...with your hands!

It can happen that after a few minutes some fried begin dark, and the cause is due to moisture contained in the products and starch. The last tip is: eat the fry freshly and strictly by hand!