FRIENN sunflower oil for Italian frying

Born from the experience of Olitalia in collaboration with the University of Bologna and Pasquale Torrente, renowned chef from Salerno in Italy, Frienn is the frying oil composed of sunflower oil with a high content of oleic acid (80%) and an addition of antioxidants (tocopherols and rosemary extracts).

Frienn, "frying" in Neapolitan dialect, combines innovation and Italian tradition with that of the Chef Pasquale Torrente, a master in the art of Italian crispy and golden fried food.

The tradition and the value of raw materials are the basis of his cuisine and the use of Frienn guarantees the total absence of foam in frying, which does not allow the food to burn externally, ensuring uniform frying, for clear, tasteful and appetizing fried.

Tradition meets innovation, to offer your friends a unique and unmistakable taste; crispy, dry and light in taste food with a totally Italian identity.


Palm oil free

Frienn is totally palm oil free. It contains only high oleic sunflower oil, that is naturally rich in oleic acid (80%) compared with the common sunflower oil (25%). Further, the presence of antioxidants and vitamin E makes it particularly suitable for a healthy diet, such as the Mediterranean diet.

Resistant to high temperatures

The greater content of oleic acid and the addition of antioxidants, extracted in part from the rosemary, give to Frienn an excellent stability at high temperatures, guaranteeing professional frying performance for crispy and appetizing food. Further, its smoke point is among the highest of the oils on the market.

No off-flavours

Frienn has a high oxidative stability, given by its innovative formulation. The prevalence of monounsaturated fatty acids in high oleic sunflower oil and the presence of antioxidants defend the oil during frying from the oxidation, avoiding the unpleasant development of bad odors.

Light in taste, dry and crispy food

The innovative formulation, based on high oleic sunflower oil, tocopherol and rosemary extract, gives to Frienn stability while frying, for tasty, crispy and appetizing recipes.